Operating a Powerboat

Operating a powerboat might be one of the best things you will experience in your life, much like driving your first car, the exhilaration and joy you feel from controlling a beautiful machine is amazing. Though this will require some skills, and knowledge about navigation and thorough understanding about safety rules, but as long as you have common sense, you’ll do well.

In some states, like California for example, you are not required to have a boater’s license, permit, or certificate to drive a powerboat. Though you will need to be of age, 18 years old in California, in addition some training on how to handle the boat safely are essential.

The best way to learn is through an instructor, but to help you get started here are a few videos on the basics.

1.) How to get the Powerboat Started

2.) How to Cast Off

3.) How to Navigate


4.) How to dock

Article source: http://www.fathomandblues.co.uk